Throughout the year, students will be developing a personal and special birkon. A birkon is a booklet of Jewish prayers and songs that is often created with decorative elements. By creating a birkon that includes artwork and decorative principles, we are promoting the act of hiddur mitzvah. Hiddur mitzvah is the act of praising God through the beautification of a mitzvah.

The students’ birkonim will consist of two sections:
1. One section will be a collection of berakhot that the students will study as part of this year’s curriculum. This component of the project provides an opportunity for students to interpret the individual prayers through both art and writing.

2. The second section of the book will include the student’s reflections on other concepts and experiences from the curriculum. Though not directly related to the berakhot of the birkon, these entries will remind students of the context in which they studied the berakhot and will help deepen connections between the berakhot and student learning.

The finished product will be a collection of student learning that is to be shared with families and used at home.

Organization of Birkon:

  • The Birkon opens like a Hebrew book. The Birkon pages that will be inserted inside are headed "berakhah" page. Journal pages will be inserted in the side that opens like an English book which are headed "journal" page.
  • The pages with berakhot will be created with decorative borders. These will be glued into the"right" side of each double-page.
  • The other pages will be student's reflections through writing and art which will be inserted into the birkon on the left side of each double-page.
  • Students will insert a pocket (available at the Martha Stewart Home Office of Staples) in the back of the birkon (the English side of the book) for other work.
  • Teacher will lightly write the student's name on the cover English in pencil.