Learning Objective

Performance Outcome

Students will demonstrate knowledge that:

The Jewish Calendar is important because it enables all Jews to celebrate holidays simultaneously, as one community
Students will reflect upon the reasons why the Torah highlights the need for a Jewish calendar.
The Jewish calendar and the timing of the Jewish holidays are based on the moon.
Students will appropriately place lunar phases and Jewish holiday onto the Jewish calendar
The Mishnah describes a complicated process through which witnesses were questioned about the new moon.
Students will reenact the process of questioning witnesses and testifying about the sighting of the new moon.
On Rosh Hodesh we ask God to give us a month of blessings.
Students will create wishes to say with the Birkat HaHodesh

Students will express feelings of:

Connection to the Jewish people
Students will discuss the Mishnah's emphasis on ensuring that all of the Jewish people celebrate Rosh Hodesh at the same time.

Students will be able to:

Describe the lunar cycle and its relationship to the Jewish calendar.

List the Jewish months in order and identify the holidays that fall within them.

Recite the first line of Birkat HaHodesh