Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal, spatial, intrapersonal, bodily-kinesthetic

Note: This lesson begins with the 20-25-minute planning activity in Step 15. Steps 16 and 17 are completed over the course of the year. They are repeated each month.

Core Concept:

Students will make and execute plans to announce Rosh Hodesh to the rest of the school in a way that reflects what they have learned from the Mishnah. They will use Rosh Hodesh as an opportunity for ongoing introspection.


Rosh Hodesh will become a time for students to feel empowered by the responsibility of announcing the celebration to the rest of the school in creative and engaging ways while remaining introspective and thankful for their accomplishments and challenges.


  • Video recording (see “Prepare in Advance” for link)
  • Additional materials for individual announcement plans

Worksheet JC 6.1a - JC 6.1b: Rosh Hodesh Planning Worksheet
Worksheet JC 6.2: Rosh Hodesh Thoughts

Alternative A: Journal
  • Birkon

Alternative B: Monthly Inspiration Cards
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Permanent markers

Alternative C: Accordion Book
  • Colored cardstock
  • White paper
  • Glue stick
  • Double-stick tape
  • Different types of interesting paper
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Pen

Alternative D: Voicethread
  • Voicethread: It's Rosh Hodesh!

Prepare in Advance:

  • Download and preview video: (video of a contemporary person sighting the new moon and blowing a whistle instead of a shofar).
  • If you would like students to display their reflections in a creative way, select one of three ways of doing so:
    • Alternative A: Journal
    • Alternative B: Monthly Inspiration Cards
    • Alternative C: Accordion Book
    • Alternative D: Voicethread
  • Alternative B: Cut watercolor paper into 4 x 5 rectangles
  • Alternative D: Prepare Voicethread to send to parents:
    • Enter your Voicethread account through
    • Click on "My Voice" and look in the folder called "3rd Grade Files to Copy." Open the Voicethread titled "It's Rosh Hodesh!"
    • Click the Menu button and select "Make a Copy."
    • Add the initials of your school to the title to ensure that this Voicethread can be used only by your school, and click "Close." If you do not change the name, you may see comments from other schools.
    • Move it to your class file. Leave the original Voicethread in "3rd Grade Files to Copy" for other teachers to use.
    • Upload a digital image of each student. Each image will become a new page in the Voicethread. Each student will share his/her monthly reflection on the page with his/her image.
    • To share the file, move it into the group that includes the students in your class. Select the appropriate level of sharing that you want to give students. At a minimum, select "View" and "Comment." There is no real need for students to edit this Voicethread.
    • Check the "Playback" and "Publishing Options" as well. If you do not want students to share the Voicethread outside the class, click "Hide the Final Share slide" box in the "Playback Options" menu.
  • Speak with your education director about the logistics of having your students announce Rosh Hodesh to other students or families in the community on a monthly basis. Decide who will receive the announcement and how it will be executed. If students will be interrupting other classes, speak with the teachers of those classes in advance.

Use of Technology:

  • Internet resources
  • Voicethread (optional)

Quad 3 Right Extend.pngStep 15, Quad 3, Right (Extend)

Objective: Students will internalize the importance of the Jewish calendar by keeping track of the Jewish months and announcing each Rosh Hodesh to the school.

Activity: Students will devise a plan to announce each Rosh Hodesh to the school.

Time: 20-25 minutes

  • Explain: Students work in small groups to plan how they would like to announce one Rosh Hodesh to the school. Each group will be assigned one month for which it is responsible to implement its plan.
  • Show students the following video:
  • Ask students to describe how the man in the video commemorates Rosh Hodesh. How is this similar to the way Rosh Hodesh was celebrated during the time of the Mishnah? How is it different from the way it was celebrated during the time of the Mishnah?
  • Students work in small groups.
  • Each group will use Worksheet JC 6.1a - JC 6.1bto plan how it will announce the month. For example, students may decide to:
    • Blow the shofar each month
    • Shine flashlights to represent the bonfires
    • Send an e-mail to the parent body to wish a Hodesh Tov
    • Give out moon cookies that display a new moon of icing on a chocolate background
    • Hand out S’mores to represent the giant torches
    • Play a song about the Jewish months, such as The Months Song that they learned in class.

Worksheet JC 6.1a - 6.1b_Page_1.jpgWorksheet JC 6.1a - 6.1b_Page_2.jpg

Quad 4 Left Refine.pngStep 16, Quad 4, Left (Refine): TO BE REPEATED PRIOR TO EACH ROSH HODESH

Objective: Students will use Rosh Hodesh as an opportunity for introspection regarding their past and future.

Activity: Each month, students will state a highlight of their past month and a hope for the upcoming month.

Time: 15–20 minutes

Worksheet JC 6.2.jpg
  • At the beginning of the week of each Rosh Hodesh, students use their birkonim to recite Birkat Hahodesh as a class.
  • Students fill in the chart in their birkonim with the Hebrew name of the month. Teacher and student may reference the Hebrew names in Instructional Material JC 2.2.
  • Remind students whose turn it is to announce to the school, and check that they are prepared with the supplies that they need.
  • Ask students to complete the introspective activity on Worksheet JC 6.2.
  • Sit in a circle and give each student an opportunity to share his/her highlights and hopes with the class.
  • Select a medium to display the reflections on Worksheet JC 6.2on a monthly basis:
    • Alternative A: Journal
      • Each month, students will cut out their reflections.
      • Students will glue their reflections into their birkonim with their journal pages, on the English side of the book.

    • Tishrei Inspiration Card.JPGAlternative B: Monthly Inspiration Cards
      • For every month, teacher will give students watercolor paper rectangles (4 x 5).
      • Students will place the card vertically so that the 4-inch side is the top.
      • Students will write the name of the month in Hebrew at the top edge of the card using a permanent marker.
      • Students will write their hopes that they associate with the month.
      • Students will use watercolor to paint a design on the card between the Hebrew month and the hope of the month. This design can be an abstract or realistic image and should relate to either the students' hope for the month or an event that will happen during the month.


The first six bullets describe the preparation that students must complete only on the first Rosh Hodesh that they announce. This process will take 30 minutes.

  • Take three 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of white paper. Stack paper horizontally in a pile, fold the pile in half.
  • Cut along the fold into two equal strips of the three sheets. Now there will be 6 equal strips.

IMG_5527 - Copy.JPG

  • Stack all the strips in a horizontal pile. Fold each of these strips into three equal rectangles by folding the strip into three equal parts. Note: Each rectangle should be approximately 3 and 2/3 inches x 4 inches.


  • Using double-stick tape, overlap the third rectangle in the strip over the first rectangle in the next strip. Repeat this step for all the strips to create the accordion.


  • To create front and back covers:
    • Trace the first and last rectangles of the accordion pages onto cardstock or construction paper. It is desirable that these rectangles be slightly larger than the white rectangles.
    • Cut out the two rectangles.


  • Using double-stick tape, stick one of these rectangles to the first rectangle and one to the last rectangle.
  • On the cover, students will write a title for their book, such as "Hodesh Tov."


  • Each month, students will copy their hope for the next month from Worksheet JC 6.2 onto the next blank page of their accordion book. They will illustrate the page with an object that they associate with the month.
    • Alternative D: Voicethread
      • In Tishrei (or the first month in which the students learn about Rosh Hodesh), send students the Voicethread titled "It's Rosh Hodesh!"
      • As described in "Prepare in Advance," the Voicethread will contain one reflection page for each student.
      • Each month, students will add a comment to their page, which shares the reflection that they wrote on Worksheet JC 6.2.

Quad 4 Right Perform.png17, Quad 4, Right (Perform): TO BE REPEATED PRIOR TO EACH ROSH HODESH

NOTE: IN ADVANCE OF EACH ROSH HODESH, check with the education director and/or colleagues to get permission for students to visit classes to announce Rosh Hodesh or to appear at a school assembly each month; schedule times.

Objective: Students will announce the months of the year for the rest of the school year.

Activity: Each month, a different group of students will implement their plan to announce each Rosh Hodesh to the school.

Time: 15-20 minutes a month

  • Create an order for the groups to implement their plans to announce Rosh Hodesh to the school.
  • As close to Rosh Hodesh as possible, the group of the month will go from class to class, making its announcement. If desired, allow the rest of the class to go along.
  • Repeat each month, allowing a different group to announce Rosh Hodesh each time.