Unit 3: Rosh Hodesh and the Jewish Calendar


Journal JC 3.1: Months of the Year
Journal JC 4.1: Testifying About the New Moon
Berakhah JC 5.1a - JC 5.1e: Birkat Hahodesh

Instructional Materials

Instructional Material JC 2.1: Race to the Moon Cycle
Instructional Material JC 2.2: Names of Jewish Months
Instructional Material JC 3.1a - JC 3.1c: Treasure Hunt Preparation
Instructional Material JC 3.2: Sample Treasure Hunt Clues (individual clues are not numbered because the students are going to use them)
Instructional Material JC 3.3: Treasure Hunt Station Layout
Instructional Material JC 3.4: Month Signs (individual signs are not numbered because you are going to hang them up)
Instructional Material JC 4.1: Where Was the Moon When You Saw It?
Instructional Material JC 4.2: Rabban Gamliel's Chart

Kesher Letters

Kesher JC 1.1



Visual JC 1.1: Exodus 12:1-2 (on SMARTBoard, wipe board, or poster board)
Visual JC 2.1a - JC 2.1c: Calendars
Visual JC 5.1


Worksheet JC 1.1: Birthday Letter
Worksheet JC 1.2: Reflection: Why a Calendar?
Worksheet JC 1.3a - JC 1.3b: Moon Observations (two-sided if possible)
Worksheet JC 2.1: Exploring Moon Phase Calendars
Worksheet JC 2.2: Creating a Jewish Calendar
Worksheet JC 2.3a - JC 2.3b: All Around the Jewish Year
Worksheet JC 2.4: Your Jewish Birthday Calculator (optional)
Worksheet JC 3.1: "The Months Song"
Worksheet JC 3.2: The Jewish Months
Worksheet JC 4.1a -JC 4.1c: Mishnah Rosh Hashanah
Worksheet JC 4.2: New Moon Observation
Worksheet JC 6.1a - JC 6.1b: Rosh Hodesh Planning Worksheet
Worksheet JC 6.2: Rosh Hodesh Thoughts